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A Guide to Tinctures

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When it comes to supplying your dispensary, tinctures are quickly growing in popularity. These alcohol-based cannabis extracts are easy to use and discreet, making them very popular among first time and smokeless users. While tinctures are easy to use, it can be difficult to figure out the best way to use it and get the dosing right. We’ve gathered a few tips that will help you ease into the world of tinctures and avoid the unknown. View our guide here!

Benefits of Tinctures:

While the world of medical cannabis is expansive and can be intimidating, tinctures will offer the perfect way to dive in. Using a tincture is one of the most discreet ways to consume marijuana. The typically small bottles and smokeless consumption allows you to use the tincture at almost any time. This also aids in the potent smell that smoking typically emits.

Tinctures are also known for their quick effects. While other discreet methods, like edibles, can take up to an hour to take effect, some tinctures can be felt in as little as 15 minutes. This will make figuring out what dosing you will need easier. You won’t have to wait to understand the effects that this method will have on you.

Speaking of the fast-acting effects, you can also figure out what dosing best suits your needs. The droppers typically have measurements listed on them so you can increase, decrease, or keep it the same.

How to Dose:

When it comes to figuring out what dosing works best for you, it can be a process of trial and error. Since most tinctures come with a dropper, that is the best way for you to measure how much to start with and whether you need to go up or down in dosage.

The best measurement to start with is just 1 mL. This small amount combined with the fast-acting effects will allow you to easily find out within a few minutes if this is the perfect amount, too much, or too little. If 1 mL isn’t enough, it is best to increase slowly. To avoid getting too high, don’t automatically go up during the same session. Space it out, day-by-day, until you find that sweet spot. This will help you easily determine your perfect dosage without overdoing it.

Ways to Consume:

Tinctures are ideal for non-traditional marijuana users because of the different ways that you can consume it. If you don’t mind the taste of the tincture, you can simply put a drop underneath your tongue and go about your day. For those that aren’t a fan of the taste or if you’re just looking to mix up your typical consumption, you can put the tincture into a variety of food and drinks. From juice and ice cream to soups and even salad dressings, you can make your own edibles with tinctures. The variety of ways to consume will allow you to try something new every time you use your tincture.

The Effects:

With a tincture, you can expect a fast-acting high that will typically last longer than traditional smoking but will be shorter than when you ingest edibles. With most tinctures, you will start to feel the high within 15-45 minutes of ingestion and the peak high feelings will hit at about 90 minutes. However, if you incorporate it into your food or drink, be sure that you’re aware of the slower onset that will be more similar to edibles.


Tinctures come in a variety of options and there is a spectrum of higher in CBD or higher in THC concentration. These will all have different effects and your budtender at your local dispensary will be able to help guide you in choosing whatever tincture will work best for you.

With this guide to tinctures, you can find the best way to consume medical marijuana in a way that will suit your needs and help treat your ailments.

With a selection of the best medical marijuana in Oklahoma, you can find all that you need for your dispensary within our inventory. Contact us at Stash House today for more information!