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Advantages of Edibles

At Stash House Distribution, we offer a wide selection of medical marijuana products that will keep your dispensary stocked with the best products. We offer a variety of flower, pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates, and more, but our edibles selection is unmatched against other distribution companies. With so many products to choose from and some of the most popular brands in the country, as one of the top marijuana distribution companies in the state, we will supply your dispensary with the best edibles for your patients.

With edibles quickly rising in popularity among patients, it is no surprise that our edibles inventory expands beyond the traditional brownies and baked goods. There are several advantages to consuming edibles over other ways to consume medical marijuana. View the advantages and see why edibles are one of the best ways to ingest your medical marijuana.

Accurate Dosing

One of the best, and most important, advantages of edibles is that accurate dosing that is in each product. The edibles are accurately dosed so that you have an idea of what you’re getting each time you eat one and that way you can easily determine what dose works best for you and will help your ailments. Edibles are certainly the easiest and most accurate way to dose compared to all of the other consumption options.

While edibles like baked goods can be a little more difficult to dose, you can still measure it out based on the milligrams that are present in each treat. With methods like smoking or dabs, the dosing can be difficult to guess, which can lead to too much or too little consumption and it can take some time to find exactly how much works best for you. Edibles are easy to dose and easy to consume.


When it comes to medical marijuana, you won’t find any other category with more variety than edibles. Flower and pre-rolls come in several types of strains that are constantly developing, but with edibles, what is constantly developing is how the marijuana is implemented into the goods. Before medical marijuana gained popularity, the most popular way to ingest edibles was in baked goods like brownies or cookies. You can still find baked versions of edibles, but the category is quickly expanding into all areas of food.

In almost every dispensary, you can find selections of gummies, suckers, mints, cookies, taffy, and even drinks. Gummies are among the most popular edibles due to their ease of dosing and their longevity, lasting longer than some other varieties. The variety of options will allow every patient to find what they are looking for in the dosage, flavor, and style that they need. By using edibles, you can easily find what will work best for you and explore all of the different options that are available now and always expanding.

Make Your Own

Another advantage of edibles is that you have the option to make your own. Brownies and baked goods have been made since before marijuana was readily available to patients and it remains as a hobby for some. Most edibles are made with a base of cannabis-infused oil or butter so that you can incorporate that concoction into almost any snack or dish. While cooking, you will need to be sure to take in mind the dosage, as you may not be able to dose as accurately with gummies or pre-made edibles.

Cooking with cannabis can be tricky and we have gathered a few tips and tricks that will help you create your own edible option. You can view our guide to cooking with medical marijuana here.

With all of these advantages, you can find the best edibles that will suit the needs of every patient with the help of our team at one of the best marijuana distribution companies in Oklahoma. Contact us at Stash House today for more information!