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Anatomy of a Marijuana Plant

At Stash House, our wide selection of medical marijuana products will provide your dispensary with the best supplies for your patients. Our team of medical marijuana suppliers has carefully selected the best products and strains to ensure that we deliver top quality products to each dispensary throughout the state. When it comes to marijuana plants, there is a lot to learn and the plants are much more complex than they may seem. With our guide to the anatomy of a marijuana plant, you can keep yourself educated on how the plant comes together to create the bud from the roots to the leaves.


Of course, all plants start from a seed. Marijuana seeds are produced by the female plants but can be either male or female. The female seeds are the seeds that will produce the bud that is then smoked. Once the seeds are planted, they will form a taproot that will become the main root that will anchor the plant.

Cotyledon Leaves

These are the first leaves that will sprout on the plant. They typically form in pairs and this is a sign that the seed has successfully germinated and the plants will be on their way to growing tall and healthy.


The roots are the lifeline of the plant. They grow down from the main stalk of the plant into the soil so they won’t be visible while the plant is growing. The main root, as mentioned above, is the taproot and serves as the anchor for the entire plant. The roots pull water, oxygen, and nutrients into the plant to ensure that it grows and stays healthy.


The stem of the plant grows straight up from the root and is the main support for the leaves that will grow laterally off of the plant. Stems provide the support needed for the leaves and bud to grow properly.


Branches will extend from the stem and provide support for leaves and the bud. The branches are the site where the bud will grow and thrive.


The node is the point where one branch starts to grow from another branch, or from the stem. Many times, the sex of the plant can be determined by looking at the nodes. While fan leaves and bud can sometimes grow from the nodes, this does not always happen. The internodal spacing, or the space between the nodes, will provide a sense of whether the plant will be tall or short.

Fan Leaves

Fan leaves are the most recognizable part of the marijuana plant. Fan leaves are the iconic marijuana symbol with the five expansive leaves. The leaves capture light for the plant and are typically discarded during trimming.

Sugar Leaves

Dusted with resin, sugar leaves are the small leaves that are usually saved as trim and can be used in pre-rolls. These leaves will form around the bud.


Also known as bud, flowers will be the main, usable part of the plant. The flower will only be produced on female plants. Flowers will contain the cannabinoids and terpenes that produce the high that you feel while smoking or ingesting marijuana.


The cola is the bud site where clusters of bud grow tightly together. Some colas can be seen around the lower part of the plant but the main cluster will typically grow towards the top of the plant.

Bract & Calyx

Bracts appear as the tear shaped leaves and they are covered in resin and will produce the highest concentration of cannabinoids. The calyx cannot be seen by the naked eye but it is a translucent layer that encloses the bract.

Stigma & Pistil

In the pistil, that is where the reproductive parts of the plant can be found. The hair-like strands that extend from the pistil are the stigma and this is where pollen will be collected.


While it may be hard to see, the blanket of crystal resin is hard to miss on the bud. The trichomes produce aromatic oils called terpenes, as well as the THC and CBD cannabinoids.

With all of these parts in one marijuana plant, you can see why growing plants has turned into a science in the rapidly growing industry.

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