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Basic Edible Recipes

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When it comes to medical cannabis, there are a variety of methods that you can use the cannabis and there are new products being developed constantly. One of the most popular methods are edibles. Edibles come in a variety of different options from candy and desserts to even drinks, making them available to almost anyone. If you want to try your hand at creating your own edibles, there are several ways that you can make your goodies that all require a few simple recipes as their base. View our guide to basic edible recipes and you will be on your way to creating your own treats.

Most edible creations are made using one of three base ingredients; cannabutter, cannabis flour, or cannabis oil. These three recipes can be infused into almost any recipe so you can easily create whatever edible you want. All of the recipes are fairly simple and great for experienced users, as well as newcomers.


Perhaps one of the most common ways to create marijuana edibles are with cannabutter. This recipe has been perfected over the years and is now common knowledge in the cannabis world. It only requires a few ingredients: unsalted butter, water, and your favorite strain of ground cannabis. The ratios work best in a 1 to 1 ratio of cannabis to butter but if you’re a first time user or wanting less intense effects, you can use less cannabis. When you have your ingredients, you’ll want to decarboxylate the cannabis which just consists of baking it at a low temperature for 30-40 minutes. After that, you’ll grind your cannabis up, melt the butter, and mix them together. Once you have your mixture, you’ll want to simmer that on the stovetop for 2-3 hours. You’ll then want to let it solidify before using.

With this mixture, you can incorporate it into any dish that you wish. From baked goods like cookies to dinner recipes, the cannabutter can be used in almost anything.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil, in this case coconut oil, is composed very similarly to butter but coconut oil is typically healthier for you so it can be used as an alternative to the butter. The ratios for cannabis oil are the same as the butter but you will only need coconut oil and your cannabis of choice in this recipe. To start, you’ll again want to decarboxylate the marijuana, grind your cannabis, and add the two ingredients together to simmer for 2-3 hours. Once this is done, you can put the mixture through a strainer or a cheesecloth to separate the plant material from the oil. During this, you won’t want to squeeze the mixture, just let it work through the strainer.

With the coconut/cannabis oil, you will be able to work this into a variety of edible recipes, and it even makes a great topical treatment.

Cannabis Flour

Ideal for baked goods, cannabis flour can elevate your baking game. This recipe is a little different from the butter and oil but doesn’t require any simmering. To make the flour, you will get 7 grams of your favorite bud and once again go through the decarboxylation process. After this has cooled, you will put the flower into a food processor or a coffee grinder and mix it until it is a very fine powder. The flour can be used for up to 3 months after creation and it is typically recommended to replace about a quarter of flour in traditional recipes. The flour can be easily incorporated into a variety of breads, cookies, brownies, or any other baked good.

With these basic edible recipes, you can create your own edibles at home using your favorite strains. See our selection of the best medical marijuana products and find all that you need for your dispensary. Contact us at Stash House today for more information!