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Best Growers in Oklahoma

Stash House Distribution provides Oklahoma with quality medical cannabis in many different forms. Currently the largest distribution company in the state, we are sure to provide dispensaries with frequent deliveries of numerous, quality products. With exclusive access to many edibles, flower, and more, you can trust us to provide great service by simplifying distribution of supplies and marijuana products. Although we have many different products, our topicals are a great example of how cannabis has evolved for medical use. Visit our site today to see what we have to offer from the best growers in Oklahoma!

Transdermal Compound

Provided by Mary’s Medicinals, our Transdermal Compounds come in either a 100mg or 200mg option. Both options provide a 1:1 mix of THC and CBD to provide spot-specific relief in a formulated balm that allows for deeper penetration than traditional topicals. With these compounds, a variety of patients can get deep pain relief, relaxation, and more. The onset for this product can be immediate or take about 15 minutes and last 3-5 hours.

Transdermal Gel Pen

Our Transdermal Gel Pens, also created by Mary’s Medicinals, provide the option of an indica, sativa, or CBN gel pen. Similar to the Transdermal Compound, these gel pens are used to treat pain. Additionally, they also provide some of the fastest acting and most accurately dosed pain relief. This topical only takes about 5-15 minutes for onset and lasts 4-6 hours with 50, 4mg doses.  

Transdermal Patch

With a large variety of Transdermal Patches from Mary’s Medicinals and Mobius, there are numerous options for pain relief. Mary’s Medicinals provides CBD/THC, CBN, indica, and sativa patches with 8-12 hours of systemic relief when applied to any venous part of the skin. Mobious has even more options with THC, CBD, DAB, and Delta-8 options as well as need-specific choices like achy, sleepy, monthly, happy, energy, and recovery patches.

Muscle Freeze

Mary’s Medicinals’ Muscle Freeze provides patients with quick pain relief accompanied by a soothing, cooling effect. This product combines CBD and other whole-plant nutrients, so patients can get the pain relief without many of the THC side effects. This product can take effect immediately with up to 3-5 hours of pain relief.

Using these products can provide medical cannabis patients with pain relief, sleep assistance, extra energy, and much more. Provided by the best growers in Oklahoma, dispensaries who purchase these products are sure to be pleased, as will their customers! Contact us today at Stash House Distribution to learn more about these products and to place an order.