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Best Strains from the 2021 Harvest

At Stash House, our team of expert distributors will keep your dispensary stocked with the best supplies possible. From edibles and tinctures to fresh bud and pre-rolls, there will be something that each of your patients will love getting to try. Our daily deliveries allow you to have access to the best selection of products and we can ensure that your dispensary stays stocked with your best sellers.

As the harvest season comes to a close, we’ve gathered a list of the best strains that were grown during the summertime and that are sure to be a hit with all of your patients. View our guide to the best medical marijuana strains that were grown this season and find the best strains to try!

Ice Cream Cake

This strain was grown in droves this harvest and for good reason; it is easily a favorite strain no matter what coast you’re on. This strain, and any crosses of it, is high in THC but won’t induce anxiety in most and with the sweet vanilla smell, you’ll quickly be able to see why this is a favorite. Since so much of this strain was grown, you should have no issue getting your hands on a gram or ten. This strain can also be found under names like Blue Velvet Cake, Oreo Cake, and Runtz Cake so your dispensary is sure to have one of these available.

Tropic Runtz

Also known as Blue Runtz, White Runtz, and Pink Runtz, this Zkittles and Gelato cross has been a fan favorite for a while now. This strain has more of a citrus smell and produces a high that almost all patients will love. This strain comes in a few different varieties since it is a hybrid strain and you can spend the fall and winter trying all of the combinations.

Marshmallow OG

This is the best OG Kush cross to come out of this year’s harvest and you are sure to love this prestigious mix. If you’re a lover of the OG strains, you are sure to find the exact high that will relax you and makes for the perfect way to unwind after a long day. The Marshmallow OG strain has quickly taken over the nation and marijuana smokers can easily find it at local dispensaries.

MAC Tyson

This is a newcomer to the outdoor grow scene and it is known for packing a punch. This strain has been grown in indoor gardens and the first outdoor harvest is making it accessible to dispensaries all over. This strain is indica dominant and it smells sweet and cookie-like. Those who love this strain love the high that it gives and it is ideal for relaxing.

Prayer Pupil

As a mix of the famed Star Pupil and Prayer Tower, this strain is as magical as its name. This strain is more old school and is perfect for those that aren’t a fan of the dessert strain phase. With 30% THC with a creamy and lavender taste, the Prayer Pupil strains are sure to be a hit among any type of smoker. This is a strong strain so this may be more suitable for seasoned smokers.

Head to your local dispensary, look for these strains, and try out some of the best medical marijuana strains of the 2021 harvest. View our wide selection of products and contact us at Stash House today for more information!