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Concentrate Vs. Bud

At Stash House, our team not only grows but also supplies the best medical marijuana in the state. With a variety of strains and types, it may seem difficult to discover what type of cannabis works best for you. With this helpful guide, you will not only know the difference between types of concentrates and buds, but you will also be able to determine what will work best for your needs. View our guide and find the best medical marijuana at Stash House!


The most traditional way to feel the effects of cannabis is with bud or flower. Bud is the way that the cannabis is harvested and is typically in its most natural form after it has been picked off of the plant and trimmed. Bud, or flower as it is referred to by many dispensaries, is the consumable part of the plant that is the most popular way that the plant is used. Bud is known for its versatility and the way that it is easy to manipulate. It can be smoked using a pipe or bong, or rolling it in a joint or a blunt. At dispensaries, you will find a variety of bud from loose flower that comes in nuggets, or there are pre-rolls that eliminate the rolling process so you can easily smoke them.

When it comes to smoking the bud, as mentioned above, there are several ways that this can be done. With pipes or bongs, these smoking vessels are reusable and offer one of the easiest ways to smoke. There are only a few simple steps in order to smoke cannabis using these options and bongs and pipes are typically used for their ability to be reused.

As for blunts and joints, they are the most common way that cannabis is smoked. The rolling of both options does require some skill, but dispensaries also have pre-rolls that will allow you to smoke without the hassle of rolling yourself. While this method requires more supplies, most dispensaries will have everything you need within their stores.

While all bud only allows you to use it by smoking, there are other options that allow you to use cannabis without smoking.


As one of the newer ways that cannabis is being produced and transformed, concentrates allow cannabis users to experience the medicinal plant in a variety of other forms. While cannabis in bud form is the most popular use, concentrates are quickly expanding and are known for their ease of use, variety of flavors, and precise dosing. While smoking flower is tried and true by many, there are many benefits to concentrates besides how easy they are to use.

Oils and concentrates offer one of the most efficient ways of using cannabis. By using oils, most patients can experience the same effects without using as much. By using less products, concentrates will last longer that your typical dose of bud. Concentrates also come in a variety of styles. There are tinctures, capsules, vaporizer cartridges, hash, and shatter or wax. All of these options have different benefits but will still relieve your symptoms.

Tinctures are cannabis-infused oils that are dropped under your tongue. While these typically take 20-30 minutes to become active, they do range in potency for those seeking a more fast-acting product.

For capsules, these come in traditional pill form and can take longer to become active, up to 2 hours after ingestion. While these may take longer, the precise dosage will help you better determine what works the best for you.

Vaporizer cartridges, or vapes, are similar to e-cigarettes as they attach to a battery. These carts are filled with cannabis oil that is smoked and only takes a few minutes until you will feel the effects.

Hash is a less popular form but is quickly developing into a fast acting option. The pressed concentration can be either vaporized or smoked.

Last but not least, shatter or wax is a potent form of concentrate. These are also fast acting options that will allow immediate relief.

With the variety of medical marijuana available, you are sure to find the perfect selection for your dispensary. Contact us at Stash House today and see why we offer the best medical marijuana in the state!