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Growing for Beginners

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Stepping into the world of medical marijuana may seem intimidating but there a variety of knowledgeable people and sources that will help guide you along the way. If you’re wanting to try your hand at growing your own plants, there are several steps that you have to take and the different processes will accommodate almost every environment. View our guide here to growing for beginners and try your hand at growing your own marijuana plants!

Decide on the Place

When growing your medical marijuana plants, you can grow them either indoors or outdoors and you will first need to decide where you want to grow your plants. Both methods have their pros and cons and you can survey the area that you have available to grow your plants. If you live in a place with little to know outdoor areas, or if you’re outdoor space doesn’t have good sun exposure, you may want to consider growing indoors. An indoor grow operation will also allow you to have some privacy during the grow process and your outdoor space won’t be overrun by your plants. If you don’t have room in your home or if your outdoor space is ideal for growing, then you can skip the indoor set up and try your hand at growing outdoors. Growing outdoors is typically more cost efficient, you are able to yield more marijuana, and it is more environmentally friends than growing indoors. Once you survey your available spaces, you will be able to better determine what supplies you will need and what strains will grow the best in that area.

Gather Your Supplies

Once you decide on the best spot to grow your plants, you will now need to gather all of the supplies that you need. For those that are growing indoors, you may have a few more supplies that you will need to gather as opposed to those that are growing outdoors. Indoor growers will need to get a grow tent to store your plants, a vent that will filter the air to the outdoors, a light that has a timer, and the pots that they will grow in, as well as the regular necessities like the soil and nutrients that your plant will need.

If you are growing in your outdoor space, there will be fewer supplies that you need to gather. Once you survey your area and make sure that the climate is suitable for plants, you will want to test the soil to see if your plants are table to grow there. If not, you may want to get pots and a separate type of soil, as well as the nutrients that they will need and things that will protect them from bugs. While you won’t have to gather as many supplies by growing outdoors, you will still want to be sure that you get something to protect your plants from animals and other pests. Be sure to gather all of your stuff at once that way you won’t have to make multiple trips and have to scramble to find what you need.

Choose Your Strain

Once you have all of your supplies and have decided where you will grow, you can choose the best seeds and strains that you will want to grow. If you’re wanting a specific indica or sativa plant, you’ll want to do a little bit of research to see what strains will thrive in your environment and that will products the desired effects. There are a few strains that are typically the best for beginners and you can view some of the favorites here. Once you have chosen your strain and gotten your seeds, you can start the planting process.

Establish a Routine

You may think that the hard part is over once you plant the seeds but things are just getting started. Now that they are planted is when the real work will start. You’ll want to get into a routine of checking on and watering your plants so you can ensure that they are getting an appropriate amount of water and other nutrients. Once you get into a routine, you will be sure that your plants will thrive no matter which environment that they are growing in.

For more information and an in-depth guide on growing your plants and you view these guides for indoor and outdoor growing. With this guide, you can start growing your own medical marijuana plants and make your own supply.

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