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How to Use Every Part of the Flower

At Stash House, as one of the best medical marijuana distributors in the state, we will provide your dispensary with a wide selection of cannabis products and accessories. There are a variety of ways to consume medical marijuana from edibles and drinks to vapes and even tinctures and topical treatments, but none is more popular than by smoking the flower.

When it comes to the flower of marijuana plants, there are several strains that you can smoke that will remedy a variety of ailments. Grinding the flower and smoking, whether in a pipe, bong, or in a joint, is one of the most traditional ways to smoke but it require some skill and knowledge of the plant, itself. There are a few parts of the flower that many dispose of but each aspect can be used. View our guide and learn how to use every part of your flower!

While the bud may look fairly simple when you look at it objectively, but the small flower is composed of a variety of different factors that all aid potency of the flower and how it will help with your ailments.


The cola is the main part of the flower that is comprised of all of the other smaller parts. This floral cluster is covered in trichomes. Essentially, the bigger and more densely covered that the cola is, the higher the quality will be.


The trichomes are the part of flower the resemble hair and can be seen sticking out from the surface of the plant. These trichomes will protect the plant from external nuisances and these appendages contain the glands that create flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes – the three main chemical compounds that aide in creating different strains and features of each plant.

Bract and Calyx

On the bud, there are two areas that work together in order to produce the highest concentration of cannabinoids on the plant. The bracts are the tear-shaped leaves on the bud that are heavily covered in resin and this specific part of the flower is what produces the highest potency. Enclosed by the bract, the calyx is invisible to the naked eye but is a translucent layer that is over the ovule at the flower’s base.

Since these parts of the flower typically aid in the production of the cannabinoids, these are all contained within the bud and are able to be smoked. There are a few parts of the flower that are typically picked out but you don’t have to waste them. You can utilize every part of the bud and decrease your waste.


Since the flower that is produced on female plants is the flower that is smoked, they will typically hold seeds. Many will pick out the seeds and dispose of them, but instead of throwing them out, you can save them to plant. The philosophy behind growing plants has quickly turned into a science with the rapidly growing marijuana industry, there are a variety of resources that will aide you in growing. There are kits that you can purchase that will allow you to grow indoors, or you can try your hand at growing outdoors. Just be sure to check your state’s laws and guidelines when it comes to growing your own plants.


Traditionally not serving much purpose other than creating a base for the flower to grow on, stems that are typically found on the flowers can now serve alternative purposes. It is not recommended that you smoke the stems, as they lack THC and could potentially have negative side effects. Since you will find no use in smoking it, you can collect your stems and use them for things like cooking and making topicals. The stems are perfect for making cannabutter and cannabis tea, or you can create a topical that will remedy external ailments. The stems will allow you to expand your knowledge and branch out with how you consume medical marijuana.

With all of these aspects going into each flower, you can find the best way to use every part of the bud and not waste anything. As one of the top medical marijuana distributors in the state, you can rest assured that your dispensary is supplied with the best bud and other medical cannabis products. Contact us at Stash House Distribution today for more information!