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Joints vs. Blunts

At Stash House, our wide selection of products will keep your dispensary stocked with the best supplies and products. With so many new products being constantly developed, it may seem difficult to keep up with the trends but our daily deliveries will allow you to keep your dispensary up to date with the latest products.

These options may be popular now but one method of consumption will reign supreme and that is smoking. There are a few different ways to smoke and it may be confusing to those that are new to the marijuana world. Even if you are new to smoking, you’ve probably heard the terms joint and blunt since they are one of the most popular methods and while these options are very similar, there are differences between the two. We’ve gathered a guide that will help you navigate the world of joints vs. blunts and help you decide which method will be best for you. View our guide here and step your foot into the Oklahoma medical cannabis world.


Known as one of the most iconic ways to smoke, a joint is typically small and portable, making it ideal for almost any smoking occasion. Joints are typically composed of just paper and cannabis and the paper is usually very thin to make it easy to roll and light up. While the paper is typically white, you can also find novelty joints and papers that come in a variety of colors and designs. Joints are typically favored among experienced smokers because they do have to be rolled before you smoke and that is a skill that has to be developed.

If you’re wanting to smoke a joint but aren’t sure about your rolling skills, most dispensaries have several types of pre-rolls that you can choose from. These pre-rolls can come in a variety of infused flavors that will enhance your smoking experience and allow you to always try something new. The only downfall to pre-rolls is that you may not be able to choose the exact type of strain that you are wanting. Almost all joints will feature a crutch or filter at the end that allows you to smoke it to the end without burning your fingertips.

Overall, joints will remain a favorite smoking method due to the ease of consumption and the variety of options that are now available.


While blunts and joints are very similar, the main difference between the two is that blunts are composed inside of a cigar or blunt wrap instead of just paper. Most of the blunts have tobacco as well as cannabis that can add to the buzz that you feel and can produce a boost of energy. You can typically find blunts at any convenience store or grocery store. With these, you will have to empty out the tobacco and then use that shell to pack in your marijuana. You can also opt for a regular cigar to use for your blunt, as well. Most of the blunts come in a variety of flavors so you can choose what you will like the most or pair well with your strain.

With blunts, you may be able to easier navigate your experience if you are a newcomer to the cannabis world and it will be easier to get your supply ready. Much like joints, blunts are easy to transport and you can light up anywhere. The blunts will offer an experience that is different from most other smoking methods due to the added buzz of the tobacco and the flavors and aromas will make the experience pleasurable for everyone.

With this guide to joints vs. blunts, you will be able to choose the best smoking method to suit your needs. Our Oklahoma medical cannabis will help you keep your dispensary supplied with the best products that your patients will love. Contact us at Stash House today for more information!