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Marijuana Terminology

At Stash House, our wide selection of medical marijuana products and supplies will keep every dispensary stocked with the newest and best products. When it comes to medical marijuana, there is a whole new vocabulary that you will have to become familiar with. We have gathered a small guide of some of the most popular terminology that will help you become more accustomed to the jargon that is used in the world of medical marijuana.


A banger is an important feature for smoking dabs. The banger is an attachment that is typically made out of glass, ceramic, or quartz and is necessary for heating and ingesting the dabs. You will have to heat this attachment, add the concentrate, and inhale.


While this one may be obvious, a blunt is one of the most common ways to smoke marijuana. You may be familiar with this term but not quite understand exactly what a blunt is. A blunt is cannabis that has been rolled into a paper that is made of tobacco. Blunts are so popular because of their easy usage and this method has an extensive past as one of the main ways to smoke.


Another way to smoke, a bong is a typically glass structure that uses water to filter the smoke. With a chamber and a base, the bong is a slightly more complicated way to smoke but is still popular among frequent smokers.


The bowl is the part of a pipe or bong where you will put the marijuana and light it to be smoked. The bowls hold the marijuana and it is important that you know how to pack the marijuana in the bowl.


Cartridges are used in vape pens and consist of the pre-filled tanks that attach to your vape system. These cartridges can come in a variety of strains and flavors. They also play an important part in heating the oil and making it easy to smoke.


Concentrate, or extract, is yet another way to ingest marijuana. The concentrates are produced from cannabis trichomes, giving the concentrate its potent composition. Concentrates are typically ingested by dabbing.


A form of concentrate, this style of marijuana is a dry consistency is crumbles easily. This form is cooked in a vacuum oven for a long period of time, forming the crumbly texture. The potency of crumble can easily reach 90% and is typically a more reasonably priced option.


Another method of consuming cannabis, dabbing is a bit more complicated and may require more expertise. You will vaporize an extract, the “dab”, on a hot surface and then inhale the vapor through a pipe. Dabbing is one of the methods that is fast-acting and produces a hard-hitting high.


One of the most traditional, and perhaps with the most expansive options, edibles will always be a favorite when it comes to consuming marijuana. What began as a way to ingest marijuana in foods like brownies or cookies, this area has rapidly expanded into almost every culinary area. You can now find edibles in almost any dispensary and in forms like gummies, chocolate, baked goods, and even drinks.


An eighth is an eighth of an ounce of marijuana. This is one of the ways that marijuana is measured and sold.


A grinder is necessary in almost any smoking environment. Grinders vary in size and their function is to grind up bud into smaller pieces so that they can then be packed into a bowl or rolled in a blunt and smoked.


Another way to measure the amount of marijuana, half is referring to half an ounce or 14 grams.


A more potent option, hash is formed from tightly compressed cannabis resin. It can be smoked in a pipe or vaporized.


Hybrid plants are a combination of two other plants. These are typically created by growers to combine characteristics of different plants and create a new strain. This can be beneficial in creating strains that highlight the best characteristics of multiple plants.


Indica is one type of marijuana plant. Indica plants are known for the calming high that they produce and are popular among patients that may suffer from anxiety of insomnia. Indica plants come in a variety of options with the most popular being Granddaddy Purple and Zkittlez. Indica is one of two types of plants.


A joint is much like a blunt, but doesn’t include the tobacco feature. Joints consist of papers that are filled with the ground up marijuana pieces and then rolled to create a cigarette-like roll.


Kief is the sticky resin that coats cannabis buds and is often collected in grinders. The substance typically turns into a powder-like substance that can be sprinkled into a bowl or made into a rosin concentrate.

Live Resin

Another form of concentrate, live resin is formed from plants that have been frozen immediately after harvesting. This process ensures that the resin is flavorful and the thinner consistency makes it easier to handle and can even be used in cartridges.


This term is fairly self-explanatory. One hitters are small pipes that are used for just hitting the pipe once. These small pipes are easy to transport and convenient.


A common unit of measurement for weighing and selling cannabis. In most instances, an ounce is the most that patients can purchase and possess at once.


Much like a bong, a pipe has a bowl where the marijuana will be packed. Pipes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and it is one of the simplest and most common methods of smoking.


Pre-rolls are typically found in dispensaries and consist of ready-to-go joints that don’t require you to do any of the rolling yourself. They can be found in a variety of strains and ease the process of rolling.


Often collected from a pipe or bong, or collected straight from the plant, resin is used to make concentrate. It can be used to make a variety of extracts like shatter, wax, or oil.


The second type of marijuana plant, Sativa is typically known for its mood boosting effects. The uplifting effects make this type of marijuana popular among all types of marijuana users. The most popular types of sativa cannabis are Lemon Haze and Sour Diesel.


The small pieces that used to be part of the larger flower, shake is what happens when the plants are jostled or packed. Shake is typically collected by growers and used to make pre-rolls.


A cannabis extract that is translucent and solid, shatter is a concentrate that is known for its glass-like consistency. This type of marijuana is typically dabbed and produces a potent high.


A strain refers to the variations of cannabis. Strains can vary in appearance, aroma, and effect. Different strains can be found in a variety of dispensaries and you can find the perfect strain that will aide in your ailments.

Vape Pen

Vape pens are handheld vaporizers that are quickly growing in popularity. The discreet pens will allow for easy use and transport. The pens are where your cartridges will attach and allow for easy smoking.


Wax, also known as butter or honeycomb, is an extract that is known for its malleable texture. This type of concentrate is extremely similar to shatter and produces almost identical effects.

With this terminology guide, you can easily identify a variety of products when you step into a dispensary. Our medical marijuana suppliers will keep each dispensary fully stocked with the best supplies for your patients. Contact us at Stash House today for more information!