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Medical Cannabis in Oklahoma

At Stash House Distribution, you can find all that you need to keep your dispensary stocked with the best products. From flower and pre-rolls to edibles and concentrate, our wide selection of inventory will allow you to find the perfect products that will keep your patients feeling their best. Distributing the best medical cannabis in Oklahoma is our top priority and it can be seen with our wide selection of products. See all that our distribution company has to offer!


As the most popular was to consume medical marijuana, we always keep a wide variety of flower in stock. We grow our own strains of flower so that we can ensure your dispensary is getting the best product possible. We take the time to care for each plant and cultivate the perfect environment where the plants can thrive. You can find a wide selection of strains that will help to treat a variety of ailments and ensure that your patients are able to find what they need.

Aside from our wide selection of flower that we grow ourselves, we also keep in stock a variety of pre-packaged flower. The pre-packaged flower will allow you to easily measure whatever your patient is asking for. The pre-packaged flower also comes in a variety of strains that will expand beyond our traditional flower.


Pre-Rolls are quickly growing in popularity, as they require less effort than flower to smoke. We offer several varieties of pre-rolls, including multi-strain packs so that you can always keep a wide assortment in stock in your dispensary. We also have infused pre-rolls that have been infused with flavor or other qualities that will intensify the experience. Our infused pre-rolls will also come in starter packs so that you can try out a variety of the product at your dispensary and see what your patients are looking for.


Many patients love edibles based on their easy dosage and variety of options. We always keep in stock several types of edibles like gummies from the best brands, including Cheeba Chews and Green Hornet, as well as pre-made cookies, and other candies like suckers and chocolate. We even have a selection of cannabis-infused drinks and toothpicks so that your patients can always try several styles of products.


As one of the easiest and most discreet ways to travel with vapes, we have been sure to supply vapes in several brands and flavors. The Clear and Rove, just two of the brands offered, are extremely popular due to their variations of products. Our vapes can be purchased in the single-use doses or the refillable cartridges so that your patients can test out what they like and what helps them the most.


Concentrate is quickly taking over the marijuana industry due to its potency and effects. The concentrate that we offer comes in several strains. The concentrate does require some hardware that we also keep in stock so that you can find all that you need for your dispensary in one convenient space.

Aside from all of these options, we also keep in stock a selection of trim, tinctures, topicals, CBD products, and so much more.

With the best medical cannabis in Oklahoma, you can keep your dispensary stocked and help patients as adequately as possible. Contact us at Stash House for more information today!