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Oklahoma Medical Cannabis

At Stash House, our team of suppliers will ensure that your dispensary stays stocked with the best supplies possible. Our wide selection of inventory will allow your patients to find exactly what they are look for all in one place. When it comes to Oklahoma medical cannabis, there are a wide variety of products to wade through and there is no shortage of new things to try, including all types of edibles. We always have several types of edibles that your patients will love. Whether they’re looking for something sweet or savory or anything in between, there will be an edible that every patient will love. View our options and make your next delivery with Stash House!

In the world of edibles, there are a wide range of sweet options that you will be able to choose from. From brownies and cookies to candy, there are many options. The sweet edibles are meant to be enjoyed not only for their affects but for their taste, as well. We have several types of cookies and cookies that offer a more dessert taste that offer the perfect way to wind down after a meal. These treats come in a variety of strains and will have different affects based on what you choose.

If you’re more in the mood for a candy flavor, we also have several types of gummies, suckers, and other candies that you can pop in at any time. These candies range in flavor from sweet and fruity to sour and tart so that you will be able to easily find a sweet candy that you will love that will have the effects that you’re in search of. These candy options are more of a traditional way to take edibles and they can be a less intimidating option for first timers or those that are just stepping into the medical marijuana world.

For those that aren’t necessarily a fan of the edibles but like how easy they are to use, you can always opt for our drops or mint options. These options are ideal for someone who is wanting an edible that they can just grab and go and they even have a variety of categories that offer a range of effects and highs. There are even THC-infused drinks that you can use throughout the day or just sip on as needed.

No matter what type of edible you choose, this method is the perfect option for those that are just entering into the medical cannabis world or those that are wanting a more discreet options. Edibles don’t require that you have any equipment and you can easily transport them wherever you go. Edibles are also ideal for new users since the dosing is easy to get used to and you can easily tell how much THC each edible will have in it.

With so many edible options to choose from, you can help to guide your patients in making the best choice that will suit their needs and help with their ailments. View our wide selection and find the best supplies for your dispensary. Contact us at Stash House today for more information!