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Picking Your Set & Setting

At Stash House Distribution, our team will be able to keep your dispensary stocked with the best supplies available. We have a wide selection of cannabis products and supplies that every patient will love and will help with a wide variety of ailments. As one of the top medical marijuana distribution companies in the state, you can rest assured that our almost daily deliveries and selection of products will allow you to supply your patients with exactly what they need.

When it comes to your medical marijuana experience, there are a variety of factors that you will take into consideration. From your method of use and dosing to the space that you want your experience to take place, you can cultivate an experience that will be exactly what you need. The set and setting will help to enhance the medical marijuana experience and these are factors that will be under your control. View our guide to optimizing your set and setting here!


During your high, you will want to determine your set, or your headspace, before you smoke or use marijuana. Before you use cannabis, you can set intentions for your experience and decide what you want to get out of your high. If you want healing, then you can go in with a healing mindset and focus on what parts are in pain, or if you’re wanting a more peaceful and relaxing experience, you can take the time to ease your mind and focus on the relaxation aspect. By setting your intentions beforehand, you will more than likely obtain exactly what you need and will be able to make the most out of your high. There is a unique balance for this practice, however. Thinking too much may cause you to get anxious during your high and will result in a negative experience.

Getting your mind in the right space is especially beneficial to newcomers and will help them to more easily get into the world of medical marijuana and they will be able to enhance their experience every time. Your headspace during this time will help you to have a positive and beneficial experience almost every time that you use medical cannabis.


Once you determine your headspace, you will then be able to find the perfect setting for your experience. The backdrop will ultimately create the overall vibe and will determine the outcome of your high. If you’re wanting a peaceful and relaxing time, you may want to check out the outdoor areas near you. A public park is not recommended but if there is a natural area or a wooded area nearby, that may help you to create the backdrop that you’re looking for. If a space out in the open is not for you, you can create the vibe within your home. A few candles in your favorite scents, some relaxing music, or even a sound machine may be the perfect vibe for your or you may even want to draw yourself a bath and go for an ultra-serene environment.

For those that are not able to fully create the setting that they want, you will just want to be sure that you’re not going into a space that will trigger your anxiety when you’re not high. This will just amplify those feelings of anxiety and will make your experience a negative one.

No matter what type of setting you choose, having control of your space will enhance your high and allow you to fully experience the effects of the medical cannabis.

With these tips, you can turn your medical marijuana experience into an enjoyable high that will produce the exact results that you’re in search of. As one of the top medical marijuana distribution companies in the area, you can supply your patients with only the best products. Contact us today at Stash House Distribution for more information!