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Strain Families

When it comes to your dispensary, it is essential that you keep it stocked with the best medical marijuana products and supplies and that is where Stash House comes in. We always have the best products available and our daily delivery services will ensure that your dispensary has everything that it needs. With Stash House, you will see why we are one of the best marijuana distribution companies in the state.

The world of marijuana is constantly expanding and it can be difficult to keep up with all of the new developments and products. With so many strains being developed and the ways to consume constantly growing, it is easy to get lost. We’ve put together a guide of the main strain families and how they have developed over the years that will help you decide which family will best suit your needs. View our tips here!

The Haze Family

With the Haze Strain Family, you can trace its roots back to the 1970s in Santa Cruz, CA. The brothers who started the strain and it has now been expanded to several strains including Blue Dream, Super Silver Haze, and Super Lemon Haze. This strain family is energetic and sweet tasting and is known for its creative, cerebral, and high-flying effects. Since you can trace back its roots for more than 50 years and with an ever-expanding selection, the Haze Strain Family has solidified its spot as one of the most popular and well-known strain families.

The Purps Family

First time smokers and well versed cannabis users will all be familiar with the Purps Family Strain. Fronted by Granddaddy Purp, this strain family was originally developed in the 2000s but is now an irreplaceable family at every dispensary. This family includes strains like Purple Punch, Cherry Pie, and Zkittles and is known for its purple-leaning color. The Purps Family packs a punch that is fruity and funky and produces a sedative and legendary high. The Purps Strain Family leads the pack as one of the most popular families.

The OG Kush Family

With pine and lemon notes, the OG Kush Strain Family has quickly taken over the medical marijuana industry. The hallmarks of this strain family include incredible head highs and deep body relaxation so everyone can find the perfect strain within the family to enjoy. The family encompasses strains like Sour Diesel, SFV OG, and Fire OG. With the OG Kush Strain Family, a powerful high awaits.

The Tangie Family

Like its name, you can expect sweet and citrus flavors from this strain family. The Tangie Strain Family encompasses other strains like Orange Crush, Mimosa, and Clementine and will all deliver a manageable high with pleasant mind and body effects. This family is especially popular in Amsterdam, despite being originally found in Yosemite, CA. This strain quickly became global and the Tangie Family will allow smokers from first timers to experienced pros to experience a pleasurable high.

The Cookies and Cakes Family

What started with Girl Scout Cookies and developed into a vast family, the Cookies and Cakes Strain Family will allow every smoker to find the perfect strain. The family includes Wedding Cake, Gelato, and Sherbet and will produce a high that is sedative and enjoyable. Known as scrumptious and sweet, the Cookies and Cakes Strain Family is here to stay as one of the most popular families.

You can find all of these families within our supply and you can easily see why we are one of the best marijuana distribution companies in Oklahoma. Contact us today at Stash House for more information!