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The Strongest Strains

At Stash House Distribution, we aim to supply every dispensary with the best medical marijuana products. Our wide selection of products and frequent deliveries ensure that your patients have access to the best products and can find all that they need for a variety of ailments. View our products that range from flower to topical options and keep your dispensary stocked with our wholesale medical marijuana team!

When it comes to smoking flower, those familiar will know that highs can vary by strain and that each type will have its own unique experience. If you’re looking for a stronger strain that will make your high last, we have gathered a few of the best strains to try. View our guide and try out new strains that are sure to produce a strong high!


This is a classic among frequent flower smokers and is known by many names such as GG4 or Gorilla Glue. The name derives from the stickiness of the buds and the high that you will experience is sure to treat almost any ailment. This strain is an original and growers typically love to cross it with other strains because of the resinous and pungent buds. Glue will continue to be a favorite strain with its high potency.

Bruce Banner

Known for its strong punch, Bruce Banner is known by many as one of the strongest strains available. Named for The Hulk’s alter ego, you can expect a spectacular high from this strain. This strain starts out pretty heavy and then evens out as time goes on. Bruce Banner offers a relaxing high that will put your mind at ease and has been consistently known as one of the strongest strains since 2014.

Ice Cream Cake

With a sweet and creamy profile, Ice Cream Cake will not only offer an enjoyable experience, but it will also produce an intense high. It has been voted strain of the year by various outlets over the years and the relaxing experience that awaits is sure to put any user at ease. This strain is ideal to use right before bed and will put your mind to sleep in no time.

All of these strains feature a high levels of THC and there are many more that you can explore to find your perfect strain. From traditional indica and sativa strains to hybrid options, you can find the strongest strain that will allow you to relax and fully enjoy the experience.

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