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Top Weed Tourism Destinations

At Stash House, our wide selection of products will keep your dispensary stocked with the best selection that your patients are in search of. With so many options and daily deliveries available, you can provide your patients with whatever they need and allow them to try new options and methods. While our supply of Oklahoma medical marijuana is sure to keep your dispensary stocked, the upcoming year will be huge from marijuana tourism. See some of the top weed tourism spots and start planning your next trip!


Head up north next year and explore Canada while you enjoy marijuana almost wherever you are. The entire country has now legalized but keep in mind that each province has their own regulations. There are a few provinces that have lounges where you can smoke but now many of the provinces allow you to have a joint wherever you can smoke a cigarette. The country is home to a variety of outdoor spaces and mountain ranges that you can explore, as well as expansive cities where you can experience the culture. In Canada, you can both use and purchase while you’re there.


As the first European country to legalize, you can head across the pond to see Luxembourg and all that it holds. You can roam the countryside as you smoke or you can discover the beautiful cities and towns while you’re there. The picturesque country will offer an idyllic vacation whether you’re smoking or not but your high will enhance the experience. The country is known for its vast outdoor areas and is ideal for camping, or you can just explore the outdoor areas and then head back to your hotel. Luxembourg has legalized both using and purchasing so you can try their strains as you explore.


If you’re wanting to explore South America and their cannabis scene, you can explore Uruguay. While the country hasn’t legalized purchasing for tourists yet, but you can still smoke if it is given as a gift and officials are currently working on a way for tourists to purchase that could be passed at any time. The beautiful country is known for its stunning architecture and the beautiful beaches offer the perfect place to experience your high. The South American cuisine will enhance your high and you can experience the culture through the architecture and the food. Experience Uruguay and find the best places to smoke throughout the country.


Head to the other side of the ocean and experience this Spanish culture as you explore Spain. While weed isn’t technically legal to purchase within the country, you can head to one of the cannabis clubs and use their “donation” policy to try their supply. The country also has growing support of medical cannabis and it could be legal throughout the country within the next few years. Spain is one of the oldest countries and you can discover the architecture, cuisine, and culture as you also discover their strains and ways to consume. Head to Spain next year and travel the country while you enjoy your high.

While these countries are booming and are looking to see an increase in weed tourism in the next year, the popular weed tourism country of Amsterdam is looking to decrease tourism. This favorite among cannabis users is wanting to scale back on cannabis tourism, making this next year the perfect time to branch out to other countries and cultures.

With these countries and several others making their way to the top of the list for marijuana tourist spots, you can get ready to travel the next year. While you’re making your plans, you can always count on Stash House to keep your local dispensaries stocked with your favorite products. View our selection of Oklahoma medical marijuana and contact us at Stash House today for more information!