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Vapes vs. Flower

At Stash House, our medical marijuana distribution company has a variety of medical options that will supply your dispensary with the best selection and widest range of options. From flower and pre-rolls to vapes, tinctures, edibles, and more, you can find all that you are searching for in one convenient distribution center. With the help of our Oklahoma medical cannabis suppliers, you can keep you dispensary stocked with the best selection in the state.

When it comes to smoking medical marijuana, there are many avenues to explore and it can seem overwhelming at first. With our guide, you can easily differentiate between smoking vapes and smoking flower and explore the pros and cons to both options.


As one of the traditional and favored ways to smoke cannabis, flower will always be popular among consumers. When it comes to smoking flower, there are a variety of ways to smoke, making it one of the most flexible ways to consume. You can use joints or blunts that offers more of a traditional style to smoke. Rolling your own flower may require some skill but that hasn’t stopped most cannabis users. There are tools that can be used to aide in the process of rolling papers, or you can opt for pre-rolls. Pre-rolls will offer the perfect, packed joint that is pre-measured. There is also a selection of pre-rolls that have flavors infused that will add to the traditional taste of the marijuana.

If you’re not one for the joints or blunts, you can also use pipes or bongs. These are typically easier to pack but usually require more steps in the process. To use pipes or bongs, you will grind up your marijuana, pack it into the bowl, and smoke. If you don’t want to deal with the messiness of grinding, there is also a selection of pre-packaged flower that is already ground. Pipes and bongs will allow you to customize the experience more by choosing the design and color. Both options come in several styles from small to large so that you can choose an aesthetically pleasing piece to smoke with. With pipes and bongs, you will also have the option to choose from a variety of flower. Pre-rolls may only come in a certain strains, with pipes and bongs, you can choose from the vast selection of flower that is available to get the perfect high that you have been searching for.

No matter which way you choose to smoke flower, you will always get the traditional experience that comes with it. You can all gather together and participate what is now seen as a ritual with puffing and passing.

While flower may be the favored way to smoke, it also has a few cons. If you’re looking for a discreet way to smoke, flower is not the best option. Whether you’re using a pipe or a blunt, smoking flower is typically easy to spot. There is also the fact that flower typically takes time to prepare. You may not enjoy the inconvenience of having to grind, pack, and roll each time you smoke.


When it comes to smoking medical marijuana, vaping is a relatively new option that has become available over recent years. Vapes are discreet and easy to transport and smoke without being noticed. Their composition consists of a few different parts, but these parts combine to create a small pen that resembles vape pens that contain nicotine. With vapes, there are a few different options available when it comes to the pen itself, and with the oil that you use.

If you’re just getting into vaping or you’re wanting to try it out before fully committing, you can try the disposable cartridges. These pens do not come apart like the traditional pens and they allow you to easily dispose of them. While these options are not ideal for long term vape users, they are a good option to ease into the world of vaping.

For those that prefer vaping as their main method of smoking, you can invest in a battery that interchangeable cartridges. As a more permanent option, these vape pens will have rechargeable batteries and the cartridges are easily changed out so that you can keep a supply of different strains.

No matter which type of vape you choose, each one will come in a variety of strains and flavors. Vaping, different from flower, will allow you to choose from several flavors from fruity to minty so that you can negate the marijuana flavor and have a more enjoyable experience. You can also choose your cartridge by what type of effect you want to feel. Most will have the effects in the descriptions from calming and nighttime options to daytime options that will keep you energized, choosing the effect that your vape has is just one of the many advantages.

While there are several advantages to vapes, from choosing the flavor to the convenience, vapes seem like the ideal option, but there are a few drawbacks. One of the most important drawbacks to consider is the newness of vapes. In the early years, there have been a few issues with the health effects of vapes. You’ll want to be sure to look into the brands and ensure that they are reputable. Another con will be the cost. Vapes, especially if they are consumed frequently, can be costly. Flower is typically less expensive but it is important to weigh the pros and cons of both before choosing.

Both flower and vapes will provide the perfect high and with so many options, you can find the perfect way to smoke with our wide selection. With so many options, you are sure to find an aide to your ailment with our Oklahoma medical cannabis options. Contact us at Stash House today for more information!