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Oklahoma Medical Marijuana

At Stash House, we cultivate and supply the best medical marijuana in the state. With a selection of flower, concentrates, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, and so much more, our dispensaries can stay fully stocked with the best supplies. As one of the top Oklahoma medical marijuana distributors, our clients can rest assured that they are getting top quality products delivered in a timely fashion.

With roots in the distribution industry, our team has branched out into the medical marijuana distribution business as a way to supply Oklahoma patients with the products that they need to maintain a happy and healthy life and streamline the process of getting products to patients. Our team is using the knowledge that they have gained in running one of the state’s largest distribution companies to grow Stash House and become the largest medical marijuana distribution companies in Oklahoma. While branching into the health and wellness business, we have gained the knowledge necessary to bring dispensaries and patients the products and supplies that they need in a timely fashion.

No matter what dispensaries are wanting to keep in stock, they can rest assured that our inventory will have all that they need. With more than 30 brands of medical marijuana, dispensaries will find the best products that will suit the needs of their patients. From popular edibles brands like Cheeba Chews and Green Hornet to our own label of locally sourced flower, our inventory is sure to suit the needs of your dispensary and your dispensary’s patients. We even have several starter packs from brands like Dabba, Dixie, Kaneh Co., and 1906 so that you can see how new products do in your dispensary or try out different flavors or styles of favorite brands. These starter packs will allow dispensaries to take stock of what flavors and products work best and place future orders accordingly.

Aside from our top rated inventory, our team will also deliver products to anywhere in Oklahoma. As we have grown into the largest distribution company in the state, we allow dispensaries the convenience of having access to the fastest and most consistent deliveries. Our team will work with your dispensary to ensure that your order is delivered in a timely fashion and that every detail is correct. We know that supplying your patients is a top priority and you can rest assured that your delivery will arrive on schedule and that you will always have access to the best supplies for your dispensary.

With access to the best products and with the most consistent and prompt deliveries, Stash House Distribution is the only choice when it comes to supplying dispensaries. View our vast inventory and keep your dispensary stocked with the best Oklahoma medical marijuana. Contact us at Stash House today to view our products and begin your dispensary’s order!